I met Skratch Won a couple years ago as part of the dope collective Indagenius after performing at the Big on Bloor Festival during the summer a few years ago.

Skratch and his homies seemed to be seasoned performers and had mastered their craft. A buddy of mine who lived in the neighborhood suggested that we break bread and have a cypher. Needless to say, there was no question these guys were dope and I am glad to have kept in touch with Skratch. Check out some of his earlier releases.


Now during the week we recorded  with Skratch, I came across this video of someone’s idea of a hiphop rpg with all the mainstays of contemporary rap music. It’s reminiscent of early Final Fantasy or something like Golden Sun. I for one, would play this game indefinitely.

Here is Tyler and Skratch’s reaction to the video.

*Play video at 1.5 speed to correct syncing.

Are you interested in hiphop culture? Check here for one of the best books on the subject in recent years.

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