Soul Revival – De La that is

This week we cover the recent release of De La Soul’s “And the Anonymous Nobody” and the mass appeal documentary, De La  Soul is not dead.

De la Soul are the forefathers of abstract hiphop; paving the way for groups like Hieroglyphics and A Tribe Called Quest.  In the 80s, they had a cult following but had a hard time adjusting to 90s gangster rap culture. With albums like De La Soul is dead and 3 Feet High  and Rising  and Stakes is High, they cemented their place as legends. But it’s a new generation, where people don’t want to rhyme over 90s beats anymore.

Tyler was unfamiliar with De La until they appeared on the Gorrilaz, “Feel Good Inc”. Which got me thinking that there is now a whole generation of hiphop fans that are unaware of De La Soul. And I feel like it’s my job to inform them. So, listen to the episode and don’t be a herb: pay respect to some legends.






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