Ep:40 The Lost Episode: A Cultural Analysis of the Lil Yachty Phenomenon


After reading an article in the New York Times (of all places!) about Lil Yachty, I became intrigued with him and his Summer Songs 2 mixtape.   Is Lil Yachty a rapper? A singer? Well, no. He’s a self-proclaimed product. He calls his musical style “bubble gum trap”, and has managed to anger a lot of heads. That’s why I wanted to explore the phenomenon of Lil Yachty this past summer.

In doing so, we dissected the One Night video, hair and identity in black culture, artistry and marketing and where we think Lil Yachty is headed. Without further ado, here is our lost episode recorded in the summer of 2016.

Here are the links we referenced during the show:

Here is Lil Yachty’s Posse Cut with the Sailing Team

AT 5:55 of the Fader doc is the part about the hair