Tyler reviews the $5 Rap Show

WordBurglar and crew have been running the $5 Rap Show for the past 6 years. The show features a bevy of talent from all over the city. Here is both a review and an inside look:

$5 Rap Show 2017 Poster


Well that was certainly more rap than you can shake a stick at. If you’re in the Toronto-area and like oldschool, boombap, and 90s style hip hop, we would definitely recommend checking this out. The performers at the $5 Rap Show are often touring rappers, so having them at a intimate and local setting is quite a treat.

A little piece of Toronto history is that rap shows were often frowned down upon and so performers would have a hard time securing venues. Venue owners would often cite security reasons for not allowing rap shows at the venues. Now, Toronto has become one of the biggest exporters in musical talent in recent years.

The $5 Rap Show is exactly the place where you will find “undiscovered talent” and “hidden gems” from the local rap scene.

For more of our reviews of local rap shows, be sure to check our artist spotlight page: https://deepfreezechillin.wordpress.com/about/spotlight/  

For more info on WordBurglar and Handsolo Records visit here.

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