Episode 70: Our Interview with the Legendary Fresh Kils

This episode we talked to Fresh Kils about how he went from long-haired guitar player in order to impress girls to international super producer. Kils talks to us about Anti-Emcee producers nights bubbling around the world, the renaissance of the Toronto-producer, and how Drake and Noah “40” Shebib influenced pop music with their ambient trap sound. We covered a lot of ground.

For those unfamiliar with Fresh Kils, he is a Juno nominated producer helping produce albums like Ghettosocks’ Treat of the Day and D-Sisive’s Vaudeville.  Kils cut his teeth in Halifax. And since then, has grown to become one of the most sought out producers on the indie Canadian hip hop scene. Hear Fresh Kils’ take on sampling and getting retweeted by Tenacious D below.

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Take a peek behind the curtain with us as Fresh Kils gives us a better understanding how the music industry operates. What is the meaning of an artist being “independent?”. Kils had some thoughts on Macklemore’s origin story, Roseanne Barr’s famously racist tweet and a comedian’s role in free speech. Kils had some hot takes and we had a great discussion. I been holding on to this interview for a while and it’s time to finally let it go.






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