Kid Cudi smiling in the middle of a crowd of people in what appears to be New York city.

Episode 71: Kid Cudi and the man on the moon

Podcast description: Kid Cudi and the man on the moon –  Playing with a new format, Brian Capitao returns to talk Kid Cudi and depression.




Kid Cudi doesn’t get enough respect.

Kid Cudi has played a significant role in the lives of people suffering from depression. He was able to create a rich soundtrack for people suffering from feelings of isolation and loneliness.

His music was the start of a new era in hip hop. One where artists could be sensitive and artistic in the mainstream. Cudi carried with him a certain cool factor that couldn’t be ignored. Cudi was art school cool.

So Kid Cudi was an outsider in the genre of hip hop. He lived on the fringes.

The reflection showed by Kid Cudi and the man on the moon series helped raise the genre. His knack for finding sounds helped Kanye West develop new sounds on 808’s and Heartbreak. That album and Cudi’s projects helped introduce electronic sounds into hip hop in a big way. Kid Cudi’s man on the moon series helped to propel Cudi into a star.

There are now artists who came out raised on Kid Cudi’s music. Travis Scott even threatened not to release his album Rodeo without a Kid Cudi feature – because he was such a superfan. And thanks to Kid Cudi, hip hop has become more empathetic.

Article by Brian Capitao for A.Side

Article by Ryan Gaur  (full disclosure I am affiliated with Central Sauce)

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