Mickey O'Brien in a miner outfit writing on a pad.

Episode 72: My Interview with Mickey O’Brien

Mickey O’Brien believes in magic.

His latest release, ‘Twin Flame – Honey Bear Saga is filled with references to tarot cards as he examines what went wrong with an on-again, off-again relationship.

The album has been called a romance novel of sorts. Not only is it a concept album, but there is also a whole narrative interwoven throughout, starting with “The Tower.”

“Each song is represented by a different tarot card. The record itself is like a tarot reading,” says O’Brien.

A stormy relationship was the source of inspiration as he recounts details of his life.

The project is somewhat of a departure from his sophomore effort, My Drift, but has some familiar features such as Fresh Kils behind the boards and singer Salvatori.

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The record comes with six tarot cards and a golden plated cassette when ordered off Bandcamp

“The record is about a toxic relationship,” says O’Brien in reference to his ‘Twin Flame. 

But there is more than meets the eye as the “11:11” causes a spiritual awakening.

After overcoming addiction and some hard-fought wins, O’Brien, who originally was a hardrock miner from Sudbury, Ontario; has become a staple in the Hand’Solo Records crew.

You can listen to The Freeze interview Mickey O’Brien about his meditations on relationships, conspiracy theories, and addiction.

“The new episode of South Park is so… lit!” says O’Brien, about the bizarre presidential run of Kanye West.

O’Brien opens up with his struggles during this difficult time. He explains his hometown of Sudbury has been particularly hit hard by the opioid epidemic. O’Brien tells The Freeze how his friendship with producer Fresh Kils has helped him on his journey to sobriety and the importance of checking in on your strong friends.

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