Episode 73: My Interview with Slick Mason

Slick Mason is a Toronto-based rapper who is not afraid to speak his mind.

The Ugandan-born emcee has spent the better part of the last decade carving a name for himself as part of the duo LightItUp or L.I.U under the tutelage of Toronto rap legend, Dan-e-o.

He chops it up on the podcast to discuss guns and the NRA, his thoughts on no-knock warrants and Breonna Taylor and how he’s using the next wave of social media to market his music.

The conversation covered a lot of ground. A common through-line being biases existing in current media platforms.

One of the topics of discussion was systemic racism. We talk about Philando Castile case;  the two gun-carrying lawyers who pointed their guns at protesters, and how no-knock warrants is harmful to everybody.

“[The media] are only mentioning Breonna Taylor but that has affected a lot of people across the board,” says Slick Mason.

Slick Mason had a lot to say about the structural changes proposed for policing. The podcast delved deep into police culture. We also get into the nitty-gritty details of defunding the police in Toronto.

We then discussed representation in the workforce and how it’s a seeming band-aid solution provided by neoliberals. Our thoughts differed, but we both agreed that diversity can be used as a scapegoat for accountability.

You can listen to The Freeze interview in its entirety as we touch upon many controversial topics.

*Fact-Check: Philando Castile was in fact shot and killed in Minnesota.

*Fact-Check: Slick Mason is correct about the Scandinavian study. In wealthy, first world countries, women despite being able to pursue STEM, actually pursued STEM fields less, as reported by The Atlantic.

*Fact-Check: While it is true that jobs considered “women’s work” or rather “pink-collar” jobs, do earn less than male dominated fields; men do still earn more in these professions. There is some suggestion that men are paid more in “pink-collar” jobs to incentivize them to stay on, as reported by StarTribune.

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