Sign reads the end of 2020 in front of used-up toilet paper rolls

Episode 76: The End of 2020

This episode of The Freeze goes over Lil Wayne selling his masters for $100 million, and being sued for $20 million by his ex-manager; Rolling Stone’s article on how rap helped democrats win the election in Georgia, and Brian’s top 10 albums of 2020.


Lil Wayne Legal Troubles

Anyone who has followed Lil Wayne’s career for the last few years, knows his hands were tied, from releasing The Carter V by some clandestine agreement with Cash Money Records.

But Wayne’s legal troubles seem far from over. Recently, Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to a federal gun charge, and reportedly sold his masters for $100 million.

It was in 2018, that his ex-manager, Ronald Sweeney, finally broke Wayne free from his contract. The rapper had hired Sweeney from 2005 on. The former manager is also now suing Wayne for $20 million as he believes he is owed a bigger piece of the pie for helping with the negotiations, as reported by The Source.

Lil Wayne has also been embroiled in a federal gun case to which he has pleaded guilty. Weezy was found guilty in the weapons case, as first reported by the Miami Herald.

Other News

Rolling Stone has called their readers’ attention to rappers’ involvement in the run for the Senate in Georgia. The state was a deciding factor in Joe Biden becoming President-Elect. But this still seemed like an odd choice for a big feature as rappers are typically democratic. Why was this news?

Session Goods

Mentioned in the article, is key political figure Stacey Abrams, and rappers who have been known for their outspoken political views. But also mentioned in the article where some rappers who are not usually associated with politics. Is Ludacris a Republican? Is that why he veered away from the weed business?

Lastly, Brian gives an overview of his favourite albums of the year 2020. This list included the latest album by Miley Cyrus. What a way to end 2020.


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