This guy did a metal cover of WAP – and it rocks!

If you were around and into music in the 2000s, you’ll remember the phenomenon of Nu-Metal. Essentially, a blend of metal and rap. Bands like Linkin Park, Korn, and System of a Down, and yes even Limp Bizkit helped popularize the go-to genre of the aughts.

Well YouTuber Leo Moracchioli aka Frog Leap Studios has done a metal cover of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song WAP. The effect is gold and the song slaps. Moracchioli has a wholesome cat puppet for the video adding an extra layer to the video.

From the guitar playing to the rapping, Moracchioli is clearly having fun. The brashness of the lyrics and the heavy metal attitude compliment each other well. The second half feels like early Marilyn Manson. That’s when the song enters a psychedelic rock groove. It’s so out there, that it shouldn’t work. But strangely all the pieces come together like some sort of musical Frankenstein. A metal cover of WAP, may seem like it’s too divergent musically to work but the proof is in the pudding. This is a credit to Moracchioli’s guitar licks as he will have even the most dubious of metal fans enthralled with what he does to the popular hit song.

Who would have thought a metal cover of WAP would work so well? Well the popularity of the song should be no surprise. It spent three weeks at the top of the charts, was the most acclaimed song of 2020, and landed at number 24 of Billboard’s Hot 100 year-end charts.

The metal cover of WAP is certainly a testament to the universal appeal of music. While the original song may not be for everybody, there’s excitement to be found in exploring and experiencing other genres and coming up with funky combinations.

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