Vinyl Mango, a fresh look at album art

Welcome to Vinyl Mango

Welcome to Vinyl Mango!

You asked for video content, so here it is! Introducing a new series where I discuss vinyl records and their vinyl artwork.

Vinyl Mango promises to take a look at records and the talented artwork that comes along with it. This series will be going over several genres of music and is not exclusive to hip hop!

But why the name Vinyl Mango? The title Vinyl Mango comes from the texture of mango skin. It reminded me very much of the smooth surface of vinyl. From there a seed was planted. Then I got to thinking of an underutilized aspect of music. The artwork! Specifically how the artwork for vinyl was once adored by consumers but now isn’t appreciated as much!

So here’s me showing some love.

For the first episode, I review Broadcast and The Focus Group investigate Witchcults of the Radio Age and Flying Lotus’ Flamagra. Both records were super trippy – and one even deals with a genre called “hauntology.” Sounds spooky.

You’ll be able to watch the series on YouTube, IGTV, and here, of course!

This falls in line with making The Freeze a more multimedia website since we’re able to things online that you simple can’t do with print.

Vinyl Mango hopes to offer an in-depth look at musical concepts, the reason behind certain designs and explain their meaning. As a former student of semiotics (the study of signs and meaning), this will be a fun exercise.

Be sure to check out our written reviews too! The Freeze strives to feature well-written long-form articles on hip hop and we certainly won’t be abandoning them. This will hopefully just be another asset to our repertoire.

And please like, share, and comment! I’d love to see feedback and implement changes to fine-tune the experience to get the best results.

Yours Truly,
Brian Capitao

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