Vince Staples on stage with a hoodie on

Vince Staples Remains An Outlier with “Are You With That?”


In the early stages of hip hop culture authenticity wasn’t an option but a requirement.

Modern rap is now marketed to focus on everything but the progression of sound and content. Within such a repetitious landscape shaking the contemporary standard is a statement in and of itself.

To date Vince Staples has consistently made that statement in various ways. Our introduction to Vincent was through his affiliation with the Odd Future collective. Unknown to many, was his connection to A$AP Yams at the time. As an A&R Yams co-signed Vince long before the world knew him.

Microphones, Speakers, and Pro Audio Gear at Shop Now! Since then he’s become a staple in the musical landscape. Vince is a beacon for those who still crave thought provoking subject matter in lyricism. From early on in his career, Vince has made a point to reflect on his experiences in a way that informs the listener as opposed to glorifying familiar narratives of Black trauma.

Staples is like a stenographer keeping a note of the realities of living in the hood. Lines like, “everybody tough til they gotta go and see the judge” speak plainly to a system that has become commonplace.

With a self-titled release set to surface, Vince is picking up where he left off and pushing boundaries with avant-garde production and an almost satirical take on pop culture.

The video for his first single, “Law of Averages” is set in what appears to be his hometown of Long Beach. Surrounded by various individuals, Staples mocks the often overlooked aspects of stardom. He touches on women who while seemingly attractive tend to come with excess baggage. In addition, he explains with newfound financial gain are the inevitable hangers-on who seek to benefit.

It’s a stark contrast from the braggadocios nature of what’s typical in the space of rap. All of this takes place over the brooding downtempo track that doesn’t rely solely on 808’s to translate.

In a land of pretenders and stage hands, Vince Staples is an outlier.

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