Musician Clerel playing guitar and singing at Arthaus Block Party

Local Spotlight: Arthaus’ inaugural Block Party event

Hello wonderful people,

This past weekend I attended a community event put out by independent music label , Arthaus. The event was a lowkey, and chill experience.

During the day, attendees had the chance to purchase goodies from vendors – some who themselves had connections to the music industry. A church hall was rented and transformed into a bazaar with vendors hawking prints, stickers, shirts, and more.

The Arthaus inaugural block party had a diverse crowd. Young and old, denizens came out to support the arts. The inaugural Block Party A humble gathering took place on Perth ave in a church that had DJs play their mixes in place of a pulpit. Music brought people together, despite the enduring pandemic of Covid-19. The Arthaus inaugural block party was a glimmer of hope that some semblance of normalcy is returning and indoor live music and events will go on.

What appears to be a kick drum covered in lights
A vendor booth named Secret Agent covered in lights (Brian/The Freeze)

As a creative in the city, I felt like it was a good opportunity to meet like-minded people. The vendors that I spoke to seemed really knowledgable about their craft. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a logistical nightmare for me to film everything by myself. One of these little mishaps was improper framing during an interview with a vendor. So in place of the video interview with Slolife Supply – I ripped the audio and uploaded to SoundCloud. As anyone who has done live music before knows, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Arthaus inaugural block party gave insight into the groundswell of talent currently in the Canadian music scene. While there could have been a better turnout, the Arthaus inaugural block party had quite impressive names such as Clerel from Cameroon, whom the CBC profiled back in March. I spoke to a young attendee who was very excited about Toronto soul singer-songwriter, Adria Kain.

A diverse crowd of people young and old enjoying the music scene (Brian/The Freeze)

I’d be really interested in returning next year to see how the event grows. Right now is a super challenging time for live music. So it was great to see people keeping the spirit of live music alive.

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