Rappers Who Went Missing

Sometimes you just find music that you vibe too. But maybe they’re not to well-known. So for years your favorite rapper is doing their thing underground. Those who are in the know, know. You feel special. Like you are part of some secret society that just gets it.

This is essentially the ethos that built the Soundcloud era of rap. It was rap’s punk rock phase eschewing traditional acceptance and taking the title of mumble rap and running with it. So clearly remaining underground doesn’t mean being shelved anymore these days. But what about the rappers who seemed to have drop out of public consciousness almost entirely?

I decided to research the topic and came up with a list of rappers who for one reason or another seemed to have gone missing.  Below is my video on Rappers Who Went Missing. It’s a bit different than what I’ve been doing with my Vinyl Mango series and is primarily aimed at a YouTube audience.

I learned a lot researching this video. Did you know Stat Quo was managing Lil Xan?! I certainly didn’t.

The video is also pretty much the most polished thing I’ve put together myself. There were some minor audio issues that transpired but I’ve gone and fixed them. I’m hoping that in the future I will be creating more video content at this caliber and improve in editing by sticking with it.

Rappers Who Went Missing was a fun video to make and I am planning to do a part two in the future. Partly, because there’s so many more rappers I could fit into another video and partly to challenge myself to build upon the existing format. It’s also straightforward to shoot since it’s a one static shot of me talking into the camera. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know who else you think I should include for part two.

One thought on “Rappers Who Went Missing

  1. I can only underline Killah Priest.
    And I can think of two other hip hop bands. 1. Bone Thugs n Harmony – Every now and then with a new release at the start.
    2. Jedi Mind Tricks – Still often seen live. PS Overall nice post from you. Find this topic interesting.


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