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Episode 79: Ghetto Gods Review + More

Today’s episode of the podcast, we do something different by doing a video podcast for the very first time!

While I’m still figuring out a new format and limited in terms of length for videos, I decided to go back to basics and do album review much like how we did for the first episode for our review of Dr. Dre’s Compton.

The review for today’s roughly 20 minute episode is Ghetto Gods by EarthGang.

EarthGang are a promising duo out of Atlanta signed to J.Cole’s Dreamville records, that in 2019 release their studio debut to wide acclaim after being independent for several years. So naturally, I was excited to hear it.

I was first introduced to the group during my brief stint as part of the CentralSauce Collective. I was thorough impressed by their versatility on Mirrorland and thought they were a breath of fresh air from the various trap artists and Drake clones.

In addition to my full review of Ghetto Gods, I briefly touch on the SuperBowl halftime show this year featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and 50 Cent before the camera stopped rolling.

Episode 75: Good News/Bad News

Photo by @uncoveredlens, provided by Pexels

This episode is a return to a solo episode. After some time away, Brian is back from his time in British Columbia and gets into the Megan Thee Stallion album, Good News; his freelance work with Complex Canada, and his take on a new rap group.

Being a freelancer is tough, especially now with COVID-19 but as the saying goes – “it’s the economy, stupid.” 

As Brian’s freelance work dries up, he begins asking existential questions like; what is a music journalist’s currency in a youth-driven genre? Is it better to be a writer or a photographer? And what is the line between sex-positive female empowerment and being “slutty?”

All this and more. Brian goes off on tangents, and there’s no one there to stop him. Good News/Bad News – there’s a lot to talk about, some of it not so good. Brian learns why writers often have kill-fees and discovers why he got bumped for another writer for an interview.

The Breakdown

The first half of the podcast is an album review on Good News, while the second half is more about freelance work. Ever wondered what being a music journalist is like in 2020? Hint: It’s a lot like the rest of 2020.

We’ve all heard about the infamous “pivot-to-video.” But what about pivoting to photography? On the episode, Brian explores his thoughts on why photographers may have more leverage.

It’s been a while since a new pod. There was a lot to talk about and it made for a good episode.

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