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Pixar’s Coco a Boxoffice Smash

Disney Pixar’s Coco opened at the box office to $71.2 M over the last 5 days. And proves that latinos make up a significant part of the movie-going public. This may incentivize Hollywood to produce more cultural diverse stories.

Coco is themed around Mexico’s Day of the Dead or  Dia de los Muertos, and has become Mexico’s highest grossing movie of all time beating out the Avengers. For good measure Disney Pixar studios hired cultural consultants to make sure the story was authentic.

The film, directed by Lee Unkrich and co-directed by Adrian Molina, is one of the largest U.S. productions ever to feature a largely all-Latino cast. That makes Coco an anomaly not just in the world of Pixar but also in Hollywood.

The film arrives at the perfect time with its heartwarming tale of family over Thanksgiving weekend.  The film tells the story of a young boy yearning to be a musician met with the disapproval of his family. With great humor and warmth, the movie proves to be a serious box office contender. Currently, it has a 96 % rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hollywood may finally be learning after the #OscarsSoWhite scandal and Lala Land and Moonlight disaster, that future success means more inclusivity and diversity.





Jay-Z’s “4:44” Puma’s get a limited release date

In the spirit of the 4:44 album, Jay-z is releasing a limited edition sneakers in partnership with Puma via Kith. How many pairs? Only 44 to be released, with one coveted pair having enclosed concert tickets. The shoes were unveiled by Beyonce in an Instagram post teasing the shoe a few months ago.

The Puma Clyde sneakers resemble the artwork for Jay-z’s album 4:44 which is highlighted with a Cream upper while 4:44 lands on the heel. Constructed with a premium leather, we also have the midsole which extends across the outsole. The classic low-top silhouette boasts a light pink leather upper with exclusive heel tabs that read “LGA” on one shoe and “718” on the other. The sneaker presents a clean and minimal look,  while the’4:44′ album barcode stamped on the side gives a futuristic sense to the aesthetic. The peach-colored shoes feature the album’s track list outlined on the inner sole.

The exclusivity of the sneaker is marked on each pair. Each pair is number 1:44, 2:44, and so on. Never have ratios looked so cool.

Puma is on board as an official sponsor for the 4:44 Tour. According to a spokesperson, the brand will continue to collaborate with Jay on additional projects in the future.

Snapchat now recognizes food & pets when suggesting filters

Snapchat is now using what is called object recognition to identify what’s in users photos. The new feature has been confirmed by Snap to Mashable. You can get access to these filters by capturing images of everything from food, to pets to even sports – and not to mention location as well, including concerts and vacation spots.

This new feature is part of a complete redesign. The strategy seems to be a way to keep users from veering away to Instagram. The app’s object recognition will be a way users to personalize their snaps. Snap describes these snaps as part of an augmented reality where King Kong will be swatting away airplanes in a photo of the Empire State Building.

While creating the patent for the new update, Snap pitched a way for brands to bid to be associated with any one filter. In one patent application, Snap used the example of a cup of coffee to demonstrate how filters could go to brands like Keuring and Nescafe, with a bidder take all approach.

Once the bid has been won, the brands will be able to offer coupons and exclusive offerings through Snapchat. This new feature is a way to make snapchat more user-friendly and attractive to investors.