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Episode 71: Kid Cudi and the man on the moon

Kid Cudi and the man on the moon –  Playing with a new format, Brian Capitao returns to talk Kid Cudi and depression.

Episode 70: Our Interview with the Legendary Fresh Kils

This episode we talked to Fresh Kils about how he went from long-haired guitar player in order to impress girls to international super producer. Kils talks to us about Anti-Emcee producers nights bubbling around the world, the renaissance of the Toronto-producer, and how Drake and Noah “40” Shebib influenced pop music with their ambient trap sound. We covered a lot of ground.

Episode 69: Interview with Kayo

We spoke to rapper Kayo about his project, Winter in St.Lucia, being signed to Classified’s label Half-Life records and the Halifax, Nova Scotia hiphop scene, emigrating for career success, his take on songwriting, his inspiration for music, and his views on spirituality.

Episode 68: America Runs on Guns 

We discuss Killer Mike’s controversial full-length interview with Colion Noir. The History of Guns and Rebellion in America. We also discuss the meaning behind Childish Gambino’s This is America, Eminem’s verse on Caterpillar off of Royce’s album – and a  K.O.D. SnapFreeze™ review.

Episode 67: Up in a Tizzy

This week we discuss the awkward Cardi B and Nardwuar interview at Coachella, Nicki Minaj’s comeback tracks, Tyler soliloquies about the move away from trap drums, Kendrick winning the Pulitzer Price and Tyler addresses the Lil Dicky that has everyone up in a tizzy. This week we welcome new sponsor BEVEL.

Episode 66: Talkin Top 5

Tyler and I discuss our Top 5 based on rap technical proficiency. We talk lyrics, we talk flows and overall influence.

Episode 65: Goofs and Gaffes

This episode is a bit of a throwback in that it was recorded a few weeks ago. We discuss the drama between Dj Envy and Desus & Mero, Nav and the XXL Freshman List, Logic talk and the state of hiphop today and the Blurred Lines copyright law, some technical difficulties at the end

Episode 64: The Variety Show #3

This episode we try to cover as much as possible in a half-hour. We talk about the continued Martin Shkreli saga and the implications for “that Wu album”, Safaree nude leaks, why does Tekashi 69’s music bang?, Vince Staples’ PSA, Lil Xan’s interview with Hot97 and him calling 2pac boring. And last but not least:

Episode 63: Fridges Can Kill You Fam

This episode features Steve Harmony as a fill-in guest with Tyler away this week. We talk about the death of Craig Mack and his alleged involvement in a cult, Diddy being a ruthless businessman and the Lox threatening to throw a fridge at him.

We also chat about albums that were worth the listen in 2017. 

Episode 62: The Cadence Weapon Interview 

This week’s episode we interview Cadence Weapon. We talk about his latest album, a self-titled effort shaped by his experiences in Montreal that has Kaytranada and Jacques Green on the production. We discuss upcoming Toronto rappers, a police raid in Montreal, technology and conspicuous consumption, losing the Glowed Up beat to Anderson .Paak, and the renaissance of the black nerd.

Episode 61: The Christian Influence on Hip Hop

As part of our REWIND! series we talk about God’s Son and It’s Dark and Hell is Hot/Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood by Nas and DMX respectively to discuss themes of Christianity within Hip-Hop.

Episode 60: The Variety Show #2

We talk about Wale getting dropped off Atlantic, the Eminem River video, Tyler, the Creator working with A24 film studios, Atlanta Season 2 talk, the God’s Plan music video and charity.

Episode 59: Thou Shall Not Pass

This episode is all about gatekeepers and critics in an ever changing media landscape. Tyler and I debate the role of the critic and shoutout our favorite youtube reviewers from TheNeedleDrop to DeadEndHiphop.

Ep. 58: Does Three 6 Mafia Worship the Devil?

We explore the Mystic Stylez album back when Three 6 Mafia were considered a horrorcore group from Memphis, then known as the triple 6 mafia. This episode explores the alleged rumors of their satanic worship. We try to definitively answer the question if they are satanists or not.

Ep. 57: The Variety Show

This episode features our hot takes on several subjects. We discuss how China has decided that Hiphop is immoral and is banning hiphop culture and tattoos on television in an attempt to save moral decency, Tom Hardy’s mysterious mixtape from 1999 that seems to have disappeared from the net and Erykah Badu’s conversation with David Marchese.

Ep. 56: Collective Action

This episode is all about hiphop collectives. From Native Tongues to the Wu-tang and OddFutureKillThemAll. We are celebrating when groups and crews make it to the booth. A good collective effort from a group can help increase interest for a brand  – but it takes collective action!

Ep. 55: New Year, New Beef: Biting Not Allowed

Major news alert! We’re now on the podcast network Girth Radio.

The latest episode is all about biting and the beef that comes with it. Joe Budden vs Eminem, Uncle Murda aka Lenny Grant vs Mad Skillz, and Cardi potentially taking another person’s flow.

Ep. 54: Problematic Faves

Tyler and I return for one last episode before the holidays where we discuss the recent controversy surrounding Post Malone, the untimely death of Lil Peep and XXXtentacion as a controversial figure in hiphop and the Joyner Lucas I’m Not Racist video.

Ep. 53: The Gay Rapper Episode/Queer Hop

We take a look at the sub-culture of LGBTQ hiphop. Our conversation features a discussion on Cakes da Killa, Myki Blanko, Leif, and Cazwell. And discuss a little-known rapper named Caushun  from the early 2000s who was dubbed to the first openly gay rapper who never put out an album.

Ep 52: Nazis Are NOT GOOD

Disclaimer: This episode features us working through our thoughts. These are not long held beliefs but us processing the violence that occurred during the rally at Charlottesville that claimed the life of Heather Heyer.

Episode 51: Missing

Ep 50: Special Guest Chev Dot

This week we interview Chev Dot, a former dance choreographer and creative director now taking on hiphop producing.

Chev Dot details how he went from a kid with a passion for dance to making it to the big time. His involvement with the Ottawa dance scene and being a part of Culture Shock and his take on legendary dance crew the Jabbawockeez.

Ep 49: The Role of the Elder Statesmen

This week we discuss Jay-z’s 4:44 album and the role of the elder statesmen in hiphop. It’s been said many times before that hiphop is a young man’s game. But with Jay-z dropping one of the best albums of the year and (possibly of his career), he demonstrates that older hiphop acts can, in fact, age gracefully. So tune in and hear our thoughts on the role of the next generation of hiphop acts and legends in the making.

Ep 48: MindBender Supreme

We covered a lot of ground. We spoke to MindBender at length about several subjects; The moral standards of battle rap, his pornstar career, about writing for NOW and XXL magazine, the future of technology and sex work; the history of homophobia in Jamaica, the state of Journalism today and the revisionist history of the Straight Outta Compton and All Eyez on Me biopics. MindBender loves you and so do we.

Ep 47: Everyday Struggle Bars Bro

This week’s episode we discuss the cringe-inducing video, that is, Everyday Bro, by former Vine star, Jake Paul. We break down the video and Team 10’s struggle bars. Amidst our discussion, Brian admits to getting a ghost writing offer in the past.

We also discuss rising stars in Toronto, Nav and Pryde. And Tyler compares rappers’ flows to Jazz scat singing.


A retrospective look at the Hyphy movement. We take a look back the hyphy movement, as the influences of bay area culture in hiphop can be seen today. We discuss Thizz ( drug culture), other Oakland slang, ghostriding the whip and key Hyphy albums like E-40’s My Ghetto Report Card.

Ep. 45: White Rappers

An ongoing debate in hiphop is the place of white rappers within the genre. Tyler and I discuss a recent Fader article and whether or not white rappers are their own sub-genre. We also discuss voicemails as a device within hiphop and the overlying place of skits.

Ep.44: pHoenix Pagliacci

Join us for a great discussion with pHoenix Pagliacci. We discuss her music, political activism and the current state of rap. As a mainstay Toronto emcee we ask her what the climate is like as a working musician as the city continues to close music venues, her thoughts on trap music and her criteria to be considered top 5 and so much mor

Ep 43: Special Guest – Plus MO

This week’s episode features friend of the show,and local Toronto artist Plus MO and his producer Stevie Beats.

Episode 42: Sellout/Supreme

In this episode, we discuss both the process of un-selling out and whether or not Supreme clothing is capitalizes on their counterculture rebel reputation.

Ep 41: Pepsi and the Problematic Messaging

These past few weeks there has been a tsunami of PR mistakes and communication mishaps. Join us as we explore Pepsi’s sanitized revolution, United Airlines and their grossness, Dave Chappelle’s controversial Netflix specials and Snoop Dogg taking fire at the US president in the Lavender video.

Ep 40: The Lost Episode: A Cultural Analysis of the Lil Yachty Phenomenon

After reading an article in the New York Times (of all places!) about Lil Yachty, I became intrigued with him and his Summer Songs 2 mixtape.   Is Lil Yachty a rapper? A singer? Well, no. He’s a self-proclaimed product. He calls his musical style “bubble gum trap”, and has managed to anger a lot of heads. That’s why I wanted to explore the phenomenon of Lil Yachty this past summer.

Ep 39: Part 2 of the Remy-Ma and Nicki Minaj Beef

Here’s our discussion of Nicki’s response. We discuss the longevity of both emcees and their approach to music.

Ep 38: The Grammys, Remy Ma’s Shether and Our Thoughts on the $5 Rap Show

Tune in to a brand new episode of The Freeze! We’re back and joined by friend of the show, Steve Harmony, a local singer and producer who hosted us this week at his House of Harmony studios.

We also touch base on a local $5 Rap Show that both Tyler and I attended. It was a wicked show. Be on the lookout for our footage with a more detailed video review.

And as always we got some Wacky Weird Hiphop News™.

Episode 37: The Freeze Holiday Wrapup 2016

Hey! You there! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Join us for our last episode of the year as we look back at all the rap albums of 2016 that caught our ear.

Episode 36: We discuss the 2016 Election

How does Donald Trump affect Canada? Who is to blame for the demagogue ? We discuss ScHoolBoy Q performing YG’s F Donald Trump as a jumping off point and talk politics.

Ep 35: Sweet Christmas! It’s the Luke Cage episode

This week’s episode I am joined with Seymour Zeynalov of Totally Awesome Geeks. Luke Cage has recently become a pop culture phenomenon, shutting down Netflix on the day of its initial release. Seymour and I spoke about the music on the show and the origin of the comic books. *Some spoilers*

Ep 34: Mac Miller &The Divine Feminine Review

One of my favourite rappers has just dropped a rather unique project. Mac Miller just  dropped an experimental hiphop album about love. Tyler rants and raves. And I make a case for Mac’s singing abilities. Highlights include Cee-Lo green. Complimentary episode to the Danny Brown album review.Two episodes in one week. Boom!

Episode 33: Danny Brown Album Review

This week’s episode covers Danny Brown’s recent drop, Atrocity Exhibition.

Tyler and I had diverging opinions about the contents of this album. If you’ve ever listened to Danny Brown you know his voice can be polarizing. We explore themes, issues and attributes in the review.

Episode 32: Don’t play The Game

This week’s episode we talk about the beef between rappers The Game and Meek Mill and the Oouu (remixes) by both. We try to figure out what happened. And Tyler stretches his vocals chords with an acoustic cover of Lil Yachty’s 1night.

Episode 31: Soul Revival – De La That Is

De la Soul are the forefathers of abstract hiphop; paving the way for groups like Hieroglyphics and A Tribe Called Quest.  In the 80s, they had a cult following but had a hard time adjusting to 90s gangster rap culture. With albums like De La Soul is dead and 3 Feet High  and Rising and Stakes is High, they cemented their place as legends. But it’s a new generation, where people don’t want to rhyme over 90s beats anymore.

Tyler was unfamiliar with De La until they appeared on the Gorrilaz, “Feel Good Inc”. Which got me thinking that there is now a whole generation of hiphop fans that are unaware of De La Soul. And I feel like it’s my job to inform them. So, listen to the episode and don’t be a herb: pay respect to some legends.

Episode 30: Pay 2 Play

We discuss Raekwon offering Pay 2 Play shows to open up for him, Rae and Ghost  getting cleared of a murder rap and our thoughts on Chance’s Coloring Book. Disclaimer: The views expressed  by Tyler do not reflect that of the show.

Episode 29: Part 2 of BLM Discussion with special guest, The Voyce

Here is part 2 of our Black Lives Matter discussion. This episode features, Mario Murray aka The Voyce; rapper, activist and community member. We talk about the public consultation with John Tory, what measures can the police take, black-owned businesses, and how economics affects adversity.

Episode 28: Our Impressions of NXNE this year

Yes, okay, so NXNE was a little while ago but because there was so much going on the news I decided to post the BLM episode ahead of this one. Next week, we will have part 2 of our Black Lives Matter discussion which features Mario Murray aka TheVoyce a hiphop artist and community activist – this week we give you a break and give our impressions of the music festival.

Episode 27: We Discuss Black Lives Matter

A lot has happened  in the news recently. I felt it necessary to comment as we are doing a hiphop podcast, which of course is black culture. The video of Philando Castille’s girlfriend filming the police officer that shot him with his daughter in the backseat of the car enacted a visceral reaction within me. The debate gets kind of heated but it’s important to have different perspectives. Here is a link to the Guardian article mentioned in the episode

Episode 26: Sean Sirianni of  King of the Dot

This week’s episode features Sean Sirianni, videographer for King of the Dot. Sean talks to us about his journey from being a college kid to being the dude behind the camera for King of the Dot (KOTD), meeting Epic Meal Time, his burgeoning standup career, and the deaths of some of the most prominent battle rappers. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the underground phenomenon that is the Toronto battle scene then this is required listening.

Episode 25: Wasun & the Revolutionary Struggle

This week we had a sitdown with political theorist, Ph.D and rapper, Wasun. We talk about Afrikaa Bambata and the Zulu nation, socialism, the elite 1%, how hiphop can be used as a tool for the next revolution, the ideas of Antonio Gramsci, and how hiphop has been coopted. And we talk about Lil Dicky as the possible introduction of the middle-class entering hiphop. The talk gets pretty heavy. Oh and Heads-up next week, we have Sean Sirianni, videographer for King of the Dot.

Episode 24:Zoi’s Story

A very special episode. Allow me to introduce, Zoi Ellis, the co-founder of Bad-Perm.com, an all female hiphop website; that on and off through the years has employed over 25 women. Now Zoi, has started a new venture with Breaking Curfews, a hiphop clothing line for kids. Zoi talks to us via Skype about interning for Lenny Santiago, sexism in the industry, nannying in NYC while dodging paparazzi, meeting Jay-Z, and being an entrepreneur.

Over the past few years, I have felt like a spectator watching Zoi detail her incredible journey on Facebook. It is with great pleasure that I bring her story to the podcast.

Episode 23: Kaytranada 99.9% Album Review

Another one! Graduation hasn’t stopped me from podcasting this week. This episode Tyler and I discuss the very talented Montreal producer, Kaytranada who recently put out an album with a litany of great features that include: Goldlink, Anderson .Paak,  River Tiber, Phonte of Little Brother, Sid the Kid of Odd Future and BADBADNOTGOOD. Check it out!!

Episode 22: Tyler Returns and We Talk Views

Yep. Tyler’s back and we are back at it again. More reviews, and more interviews in the upcoming weeks. We have a full discussion about Views aka the most over hyped project this decade.

Episode 21 with Juanita Muwanga

This week I am joined by the lovely and talented, Juanita Muwanga, to discuss Birdman’s recent run-in with the Breakfast Club, the death of legendary music icon Prince, what it was like to meet Rob Ford as part of Toronto’s Youth Cabinet and we continue discussing Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Also here is a link to the Paul Wall interview we discussed on the show. Check it out and tell me what you think. Tell me your thoughts on Twitter @briancapitao.

Episode 20: Special Guest Sammy Younan

Happy Monday! This week we have, special guest, Sammy Younan of Girth Radio help me co -host the show  – as we discuss Beyonce’s Lemonade that recently came out. We talk about authenticity, the nature of Pop music, and Beyonce’s foray into hiphop music.

Episode 19: Solo Dolo

Brian is running solo as Tyler is off to Europe for the next couple weeks. This episode we take a look at the trouble facing Action Bronson, allegations surrounding Afrikaa Bambata and an update on Katt Williams. +More!

3001 & Beyond: Review of New Flatbush, R.i.p to Phife Dawg and Rob Ford

This episode we review 3001: A Lace Odyssey, talk about the impact of Rob Ford in Toronto, more news on Katt Williams and mourn the death of Phife Dawg.

Ep 17: Guapo of the Saints – Trembling Review

This episode we review Toronto emcee and fellow Oakwood alum Guapo of the Saints and 4th Studio project entitled “Trembling”.  Plus, we talk about Katt Williams losing his mind and illuminati conspiracy theories with the return of Wacky Weird HipHop News.

Episode 16:Special Guest Mark Brathwaite

This episode features multitalented Toronto artist, Mark Brathwaite. We sat down and had an informal chat about a variety of topics; everything from his beautifully shot music videos,  Kanye West, hiphop’s Stairway to Heaven, and Mark performs an acoustic rendition of one of his latest tracks “Southside”. Thanks to Mark for stopping by our podcast.

Tokyo Tribe Review + (legal) Marijuana = Good Times

Have you ever heard of Korean director Sion Sono? No? Well, he’s only one of the most badass gritty directors to come out in the last decade. And he made a frickin Hiphop musical.

Tokyo Tribe sets the scene for a post-apocalyptic Japan where the gangs (think hiphop inspired Yakuza) run amok. Lavish set designs, intense choreography set to a hiphop soundtrack makes this the perfect midnight movie. Grab a beer and get ready to have a good time with this one! Also, we discuss the ramifications of legalized weed. But who cares about that when you can watch a guy pick a lock through breakdancing!

Episode 14: Special Guest Set-2 & Gee Wunder

We sat down with Set2 and Gee Wunder to further discuss the Livication Lp project. We talked about the buzz the city has been receiving as of late and Gee Wunder shares his experience in the game. Apologies for the delay.

Episode 13: Will Jazz Cartier Survive the HypeBeast Machine

This week is a stacked show. We salute J-Dilla’s contribution to music, discuss Jazz Cartier being featured on the cover of NOW magazine, review Hotel Paranoia, our thoughts on Jay Electronica vs Kendrick Lamar, an update on the Martin Shkrelli & Ghostface Killah beef and Kanye’s recent album name change.

Episode 12: The Freeze LIVE on Periscope

Sorry if this week’s episode is a bit fragmented. This week we talked about the Martin Shkrelli and Ghostface beef and invited people on Periscope to lead the discussion of what they wanted us to talk about.

Episode 11: Gee Wunder x Set2 “Livication LP” Review

This week we review, local Toronto artist, Gee Wunder’s Livication Lp. Plus, we share our thoughts on D.O Gibson’s latest video “Follow Me”  and the return of wacky weird hiphop news- Kanye beefing with Wiz Khalifa. How much of Kanye can the general public truly take? Can Kanye get away with murder?

Episode 10: The New Classic

It’s a New Year and we’re back in full force! This week’s episode we discuss what makes an album classic. We break it down to impact, influence and replay ability, and speak on how our favorite classic albums fit under those criteria.

Episode 9: Peak Drake

On this episode we ponder questions like does Drake have a mom tattoo? Can Drake deliver on an entire R&B album? And More. Highly entertaining episode.

Episode 8: On the Shoulders of Giants

We review the doc Stretch and Bobbito: Radio that Changed Our Lives and discuss its influence in hiphop.

Episode 7: Special Guest Skratch Won

Big Up to the homie Skratch Won! We talked about everything from the Toronto graffiti scene, raving, emceeing, b-boying,  Indigenous issues, his community work and some of his favorite Indigenous rappers. This was a fantastic interview! Must listen episode. Some added bonuses for this episode as well with behind-the-scenes. Check  here for Brian’s book recommendation from the episode.

Episode 6: Storytime

Tyler and I discuss concept albums and storytelling within the genre of hiphop. A shorter episode this week. Did something a little different with this mix. 🙂

Episode 5: Fashionably Late

This week’s episode we discuss Hiphop Fashion and how far it’s come. From the street style of 70s to the baggy jeans of the 90s to Kanye West’s fashion line. And We talk about the recent hiphop documentary Fresh Dressed. Apologies for the delay but we took part of a photoshoot to promote this event. Be sure to check out the gallery.

Episode 4: The State of Music

This week’s episode we talk about the different platforms that we use to consume music in today’s digital age. From Spotify to Songza to Last.Fm and Tune.In to even youtube we discuss how the way people listen to music is changing. We also have a new segment called Wacky Weird Hiphop Moments.

Music Played on the show is by Kevin MacLeod

Track list (in order)
1. Universal
2.The Show Must Go On
3. Pyro Flow
4. Naraina (2x)
5. Pyro Flow
6. Slow Burn
7. Niles Blues
8. Universal
Intro Music done by Steve Harmony

Episode 3: Why So Serious?

This week’s episode discusses the aggressive  nature and serious tone of hiphop, in juxtaposition to parody music videos. Is it all fun and games or is it making light of the stark realities that people from underprivileged communities face?

Episode 2: On “Lean”

On this episode, we discuss Sizzurp, more commonly known in the world of hiphop as “lean” or purple drank. A mixture of promethazine, codeine, and soft drinks with hard fruit candies added for additional flavor. We talk about lasting influence lean and drug culture has had on the sound of hiphop and how it has potentially helped create the sub-genre of cloud rap.

Podcast Episode One: Compton Album Review + What’s Beef

Our first episode.This episode focuses on an in-depth track by
track review by us as we discuss how Dr. Dre’s  last album gets to the meaning of Dr.Dre’s place in hiphop. Near the end of the show, we also discuss recent hiphop beefs that have permeated
popular culture.