Episode 21 with Juanita Muwanga

This week I am joined by the lovely and talented, Juanita Muwanga, to discuss Birdman’s recent run-in with the Breakfast Club, the death of legendary music icon Prince, what it was like to meet Rob Ford as part of Toronto’s Youth Cabinet and we continue discussing Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Also here is a link to the Paul Wall interview we discussed on the show. Check it out and tell me what you think. Tell me your thoughts on Twitter @briancapitao.



Episode 20: Special Guest Sammy Younan

Happy Monday! This week we have, special guest, Sammy Younan of Girth Radio help me co -host the show  – as we discuss Beyonce’s Lemonade that recently came out. We talk about authenticity, the nature of Pop music, and Beyonce’s foray into hiphop music.


Episode 16:Special Guest Mark Brathwaite

This episode features multitalented Toronto artist, Mark Brathwaite. We sat down and had an informal chat about a variety of topics; everything from his beautifully shot music videos,  Kanye West, hiphop’s Stairway to Heaven, and Mark performs an acoustic rendition of one of his latest tracks “Southside”. Thanks to Mark for stopping by our podcast.


Tokyo Tribe Review + (legal) Marijuana = Good Times

Source: Google Images

Have you ever heard of Korean director Sion Sono? No? Well, he’s only one of the most badass gritty directors to come out in the last decade. And he made a frickin Hiphop musical.

Tokyo Tribe sets the scene for a post-apocalyptic Japan where the gangs (think hiphop inspired Yakuza) run amok. Lavish set designs, intense choreography set to a hiphop soundtrack makes this the perfect midnight movie. Grab a beer and get ready to have a good time with this one! Also, we discuss the ramifications of legalized weed. But who cares about that when you can watch a guy pick a lock through breakdancing!



Jay Electronica just declared war on the industry

It’s “fuck white people” apparently. After boasting about how he would “son” Kendrick and Kendrick wishes he could be him and that he would slap 50 cent, Jay Elect has rang out shots to the industry claiming that he should be considered the best. A lot of egos in hiphop recently with Kanye asking Zuckerberg for his patronage and Martin Shkrelli saying he got duped out his bitcoins.

Episode 13: Will Jazz Cartier Survive the HypeBeast Machine

This week is a stacked show. We salute J-Dilla’s contribution to music, discuss Jazz Cartier being featured on the cover of NOW magazine, review Hotel Paranoia, our thoughts on Jay Electronica vs Kendrick Lamar, an update on the Martin Shkrelli & Ghostface Killah beef and Kanye’s recent album name change.