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Episode 11: Gee Wunder x Set2 “Livication LP” Review

This week we review, local Toronto artist, Gee Wunder's Livication Lp. Plus, we share our thoughts on D.O Gibson's latest video "Follow Me"  and the return of wacky weird hiphop news- Kanye beefing with...

Episode 10: The New Classic

It's a New Year and we're back in full force! This week's episode we discuss what makes an album classic. We break it down to impact, influence and replay ability, and speak on how...

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Hello, I run a podcast about hiphop culture called The Freeze. My friend Tyler and I started this podcast as a passion project and wanted to look into the issues and culture surrounding hiphop music....

Fucking Eh – Tyler Reviews: Kanye of the Stone Age

Written by Tyler McLaurin Kanye of the Stone age is a mash-up album by ToTom which combines the rap stylings of Kanye West with the riff driven instrumentals of Queens of the Stone Age. The...

Episode 9: Peak Drake

Source: Google Images On this episode we ponder questions like does Drake have a mom tattoo? Can Drake deliver on an entire R&B album? And More. Highly entertaining episode.

Episode 8: On the Shoulders of Giants

  Source: Google Images We review the doc Stretch and Bobbito: Radio that Changed Our Lives and discuss its influence in hiphop.      


I met Skratch Won a couple years ago as part of the dope collective Indagenius after performing at the Big on Bloor Festival during the summer a few years ago. Skratch and his homies seemed to...

Episode 7: Special Guest Skratch Won

Big Up to the homie Skratch Won! We talked about everything from the Toronto graffiti scene, raving, emceeing, b-boying,  Indigenous issues, his community work and some of his favorite Indigenous rappers. This was a...

Episode 6: Storytime

Tyler and I discuss concept albums and storytelling within the genre of hiphop. A shorter episode this week. Did something a little different with this mix. :)