Cover artwork for Till the Morning

“Till the Morning” – M.O. Littles Review

“Till the morning” is a sugary pop single by M.O. Littles.

The song about a one night stand is as cliché as possible while Littles tries to fit as much “6ix slang” in a song to get Toronto cred.

Littles still rating women on a number scale pushes the song from bad and generic to terrible and sleazy.

A waste of talented R&B singer, Dru, “Till the Morning” sounds like it was found in an empty dumpster circa the mid-aughts.

Any attempt at glitz is circumvented by Littles’ lack of discretion. On the one hand, he wants to just vibe with the woman he’s planning to bed but also doesn’t mind her bringing her BFFs to meet his “squad.”

The house music backing vocals seem more interesting than anything self-proclaimed Lothario, Littles, says on the record.

The lack of originality in what should be a fun-pop record is disappointing. It’s so obvious, and so glaring – it makes this record a questionable decision from an otherwise decent artist.

It’s obvious that this was meant to be a playful summer single. But due to lack of vision, it falls apart.

Dru, who was the lead singer of the R&B group In Essence – is an underappreciated Toronto gem. The group was another case of Toronto talent being criminally overlooked despite their music making its way States side and beyond. But nostalgia aside, this record is more like a walk of shame and a bad hangover than a coup.

“Till the Morning” is just as forgettable as its premise. It’s an attempt at a poppy-radio friendly single for a bygone era. Nostalgia can only push a record so far. There is simply no excuse for a record this generic. The general public has switched their radios off and turned to SoundCloud. Now is the time to take risks and stop pandering to what artists think audiences expect.


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