Money on a plate for Kaviedes "Get A Meal"

“Get A Meal” – Kaviedes Review

By Christian Breen        

“Get A Meal” is the newest single coming from the made in Montreal Kalid Walters, aka, Kaviedes. After upbeat and summer vibes singles, “Think Of Me” and “One Night”; Kaviedes’ “Get A Meal” buzzes with a heavy-hitting piano melody and beat.  As a producer, Kaviedes is able to make catchy choruses and infectious beats.  With the recent hit, “Mean,” Kaviedes proved himself a formidable producer who can also rap about his struggles while creating a chill vibe. 

There is strong evidence of Kaviedes’ evolution as an artist, rapper, and content creator throughout his body of work. Still, his new single “Get A Meal” features concepts and themes that walk along an unfortunately all too familiar path.

The melody for “Get A Meal” adds an over the top layer of drama that doesn’t match the vibe present in the song. The hard-hitting piano creates an ambiance overly serious when paired with lyricism about getting money and selling tons of drugs. On the chorus, Kaviedes talks about going to great lengths to put food on the table for his family while mentioning demons from his past, present, and future. 

We then get a more in-depth look into the chaotic world Kaviedes grew up. “Had one sneaker they worn out like a hoe,” Kaviedes reminisces. He elaborates on growing up in a tough school where he sold drugs. As Kaviedes thinks about growing older and partaking in more illegal activity, he remembers the consequences of crime. “Knew a few n***** died tryna get the bag, and left they kids without a dime,” he raps. There is an image of resilience in the line “life up, tough, but it ain’t no white flag,” showing the resolve to move on when one of your friends dies.

The impact of this line quickly brushed aside by the next line. Kaviedes references carrying a gun for personal protection, “Keep a sig on me, about ten in the mag.” This thinking leads to the notion that the violence Kaviedes fears is perpetuated by those who partake in this fast lifestyle as he sings “in the hood a next day ain’t guaranteed, so I gotta keep the glizzy on me.”

There is no doubt that though Kaviedes is into chopping and hitting licks — loyalty to his inner circle is unbreakable. He always looked out for family and close friends even when he had nothing. “Nothing else to eat I cook me up some white rice, everything we had whole fam got a bite,” rhymes Kaviedes. This is one of the more positive messages on “Get A Meal.”Hopefully it is a theme Kaviedes chooses to explore in future singles and EPs.

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