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FYI: The next episode is delayed

Just a head’s up. The next episode is going to be delayed because the files I had got corrupt and are stored away on another computer. So just be patient for the next day or  two – a new episode should be up soon.

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I run a podcast about hiphop culture called The Freeze. My friend Tyler and I started this podcast as a passion project and wanted to look into the issues and culture surrounding hiphop music. We want people to be both entertained and enlightened by listening to the show. We ask that people donate a small amount in order to keep the show running as it costs us to run the show by having to pay an engineer to clean up the audio as well as marketing costs to promote the show, have an awesome logo design and host a website.


I met Skratch Won a couple years ago as part of the dope collective Indagenius after performing at the Big on Bloor Festival during the summer a few years ago.

Skratch and his homies seemed to be seasoned performers and had mastered their craft. A buddy of mine who lived in the neighborhood suggested that we break bread and have a cypher. Needless to say, there was no question these guys were dope and I am glad to have kept in touch with Skratch. Check out some of his earlier releases.


Now during the week we recorded  with Skratch, I came across this video of someone’s idea of a hiphop rpg with all the mainstays of contemporary rap music. It’s reminiscent of early Final Fantasy or something like Golden Sun. I for one, would play this game indefinitely.

Here is Tyler and Skratch’s reaction to the video.

*Play video at 1.5 speed to correct syncing.

Are you interested in hiphop culture? Check here for one of the best books on the subject in recent years.